JCC of Greater Albuquerque

Who Will Write Our History

July 25, 7 pm

Regal High Ridge Theatre

Documentary/History | Poland/USA, 2018

 95 min | English, Polish, & Yiddish w/ English Subtitles


In 1980's Israel, Yaakov Cohen, a Jerusalem printer, is incited to act when his daughter is expelled from a prestigious religious school just for her ethnicity. Without money or connections, fueled by a raging sense of inequity and a belief that Sephardic Jews should be able to hold their heads up high, Yaakov and friends unite to form the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party. Challenging the dominant Ashkenazi establishment, their grassroots movement sets off one of the most surprising and transformative elections Israel has ever had. Based on actual events, Eliran Malka's uplifting feature debut delights with suspense and humor, relating a tale of underdog activists.