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What are the different ticket purchasing options? 

When purchasing your tickets for the ABQ Virtual Jewish Film Festival, you have a few options:

“Individual Series Passes” are intended for individual use. “Household Series Passes” are for 2+ people who would like to watch a film together and live within the same physical household. “Mensch Passes” are a great way to show support for the ABQ Jewish Film Fest and help underwrite expenses not covered by ticket revenues.

If you’d like to view every film and attend all of the post-screening Zoom conversations, we recommend that you to purchase a Series Pass. This provides a discount that will give you screening links for every film as well as links for any discussions scheduled with filmmakers.


If you want to watch specific but not all films, we recommend buying “Individual” or “Household” tickets for your choice selection of films. 

Please note that sales end for each film two (2) hours before viewing window opens. 

How will I access the films from home?

All ticket holders will receive a separate email with a unique link and access instructions for each film or Zoom conversation. You will receive this email 24 hours before the 48-72-hour screening window for each film. You will need an email address and reliable Internet access to participate in the streaming film festival. Films can be streamed on any "smart" device: a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smart TV, or even a smart mobile phone. There are many ways you can connect these devices to your home TV using an HDMI cable, through device-to-TV-screen mirroring, or through apps like Vimeo easily downloadable on your smart devices. Because all of our films are on Vimeo, we recommend you create a FREE account online in advance for easy login before entering the provided links and passwords or promo codes. For those with smart TVs, Apple TV, or Roku boxes, you can also download the Vimeo app on your TV. See TECH TIPS section below or contact with your questions.

When will the link for the films arrive? 
NOTE: read all emails from us! Check spam/junk mail regularly and mark us as a "safe sender." 

When will the link for the films arrive? 

NOTE: read all emails from us! Check spam/junk mail regularly and mark us as a "safe sender." 
The links for each individual film will arrive the day before your screening, then again 4 hours prior to the scheduled viewing time. If the film program includes a Zoom conversation, you must register with a link provided to you via email. Once you’ve registered for the Zoom event, you will receive an email from Phyllis with your Zoom login link. You will also receive an email (from Phyllis) 1 hour prior to the scheduled conversation with the login link to participate. We are sending multiple emails to ensure these links are received. If you do not see these emails, make sure to check your junk/spam folder and mark as a "safe" sender:,, and 

Please DO NOT share or forward these links and emails with anyone. We have a set number of logins per film, are tracking users, and this could jeopardize our streaming licensing.

Can the films be viewed  more than one time?

Films can be paused and re-started throughout the viewing window; however, you must use the same device each time you access the screening link, and you must complete viewing by the end of the 48-72 hour window. There is no grace period. So, if a film's viewing window ends at 7 PM, you will be cut off at 7 PM – please schedule viewing time accordingly.

How do we access live discussions with guest speakers?

For those films that involve live discussion programs, all ticket purchasers/pass holders must register online for the Zoom event. The registration link will be sent via email when you purchase your tickets. You will receive two reminders with the access link (from Phyllis), when you register, and the morning of the program. If you prefer to participate in the discussion via telephone rather than a video conference, the email confirmation you receive for registering will provide phone access information.  Zooms are not open to the general public to register.

Will the discussions be interactive? Will there be an opportunity for questions and answers?

Yes, there will be an opportunity to ask and submit questions during the discussions. You can submit questions live via the Zoom chat feature or raise your hand under the participants list. For security and time, we may need to curate questions to some extent.

Can I purchase tickets or a series pass as a gift for someone outside my household?

Yes! Films are a very thoughtful gift. To do this, when you check out, you must enter the recipient's email address. Unfortunately, this means the payment receipt will go to the recipient, but this is how email addresses are collected for streaming link distribution. We regret the inconvenience but hope you will still consider giving the gift of film!  If you purchased multiple tickets to a film, you may contact to gift a ticket to another person. We will then add them to the film and Zoom registration and email link distribution.


Tech Tips

To watch the films on your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Once the viewing window opens, click on the link that was provided in the confirmation email you received. Follow any additional instructions regarding virtual login, such as the use of a password or promo code. We recommend that you copy and paste the password rather than trying to type it in. Passwords are case sensitive.

To watch on your TV  using an Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku, etc.

Follow these steps: 1) create a free account on with your name and email address. 2) Download the Vimeo App on your TV streaming device (Amazon FireTV stick, Roku, Apple TV, etc) and log in using the email and password you set up on 3) Go to your email and find the screening link sent to you by JCC Film Fest staff. Click this link from your computer and open in your web browser. This will open the film on Vimeo on your computer. Enter the password if necessary. 4) Once the video loads, look for the icon in the top right corner of the video screen that looks like a clock. When you hover over it, it will say "Save for Watch Later" Click this icon. 5) Now go back to your TV and open the Vimeo App on your streaming device. You will be able to navigate to the video that you just saved for "Watch Later" and play it on your TV. 

To watch on your TV (with no Smart TV  or streaming device capabilities)

You must have an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your TV. Once it is connected, select the correct input source on your TV. This will allow you to mirror the computer screen on your TV. It is strongly recommended that you test this system before the film festival.

To watch on your Smart TV or TV with Smart Device (using Chromecast or Apple Airplay or Screencast)

Make sure your TV is on the same Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet. Open the viewing link in your email.  On the bottom right of the link select the Airplay or Chromecast icon.

My Movie is Freezing, Blurring, or not playing. What should I do? 
Follow these steps:

1) Restart your device (power all the way down, and then restart), then try reconnecting to movie.

2) If this doesn't work, please go to and run a speed test. Make a note of the results for our tech support team. If your results are 25Mbps or higher, email In your message, include your name, email address, phone number, a description of the problem, and your speed test result. 

3) If your speed test is less than 25Mbps, you may want to consider adding a higher speed of service as you may experience significant buffering or freezing when streaming. 10Mbps is the absolute minimum speed for streaming. With these low speeds, you would still be able to watch, but you will experience significant freezing or buffering. Before viewing, we recommend you close all competing apps/browser pages/programs on your device, then launch a singular window/app for film viewing. Competing household users will slow WiFi down too. Lower playback quality: many Vimeos automatically play in HD/Hi-definition video. To adjust, click the gear icon in the lower right corner and choose a reduced option (note: video quality may lower as well).   If problems persist, it's good to clear your browser cache too.

What happens if I still have technical problems at home viewing the movies?

If you encounter a problem watching your film(s) at home and have tried the suggestions above with no success, please email:

Please provide your name, email address, phone number, and a brief description of the problem. Our tech team will get back to you as soon as they are able. Please note that while our staff will be checking emails throughout the festival, they will most likely get back to you during the hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday. We recommend that you watch the films early in the viewing windows so that our team has time to troubleshoot any problems if they arise.

Helpful Zoom Links: 

Frequently Asked Questions

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