Mrs G

2019, Israel, Documentary, 54 minutes, English/Hebrew/Hungarian, English subtitles

Director:  Dalit Kimor

Screening: Mon 8/17  at 7 pm to Wed 8/19 at 7pm

Zoom Discussion: Wed 8/19 at 7pm

This is the inspiring story of Lea Gottlieb, Mrs. G, founder and designer of the legendary Gottex swimwear label and empire, started in her tiny Tel Aviv apartment. Gottlieb was a woman full of contradictions, but she knew how to recover from periods of crisis – from surviving the Holocaust, establishing a small factory in Israel, to her phenomenal success abroad. 


The film follows Mrs. G’s incredible creativeness and ascent to worldwide success, alongside her:  dominant personality, complex relationships with her two daughters, who both worked for the family business, her unbridled passion, and how she made complicated personal decisions (for which she paid a heavy price) while trying to keep her business afloat.


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