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Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby.jpg

2020, USA/Canada , Comedy, 77 min, English

Director: Emma Seligman

Screening: Sun  2/21 at 7 pm to Wed 2/24 at 7 pm

Zoom Conversation: Wed 2/24 at 7 pm

At a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student runs into her sugar daddy. The film and its cast were universally praised by critics. It is praised for its bisexual and Jewish representation, while being described as accessible for all audiences, and for effectively conveying the anxiety-inducing claustrophobia experienced by Danielle. Seligman was praised for successfully drawing up tension within the film, especially considering it is her feature directorial debut, and won several awards for her screenplay. The score by Ariel Marx, likened to that of a horror film, was also positively received.  NOTE: The film has a a couple of scenes with sexual content.

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